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Новости от компании Strecker

  • The STRECKER multiplication table: 1 + 1/0 = 1


    This calculation mode is special, truly special.

    As you know we continue to further improve our buttwelding machines. Today we would like to inform you about the new working ranges of our TYPE 1 welding machine. We have modified some mechanical parts / components, so we are able to cover the range of the next smaller unit Type 1/0, too. The new machine type 1 (1+1/0 = 1) is available since July 01, 2017.

    The NEW TYPE 1 is arranged for drawable buttwelding of

    Steel Ø 0,5 - 7 mm or
    Inox Ø 0,5 - 6 mm or
    Copper Ø 0,5 - 4 mm or
    Brass Ø 0,6 - 6 mm or
    Aluminium Ø 0,9 - 6 mm
    • Clamping force: Eccentric clamping device, manually operated
    • Upsetting force: Upset pressure spring
    • Welding capacity: Step switch with 10 steps (NEW!)

    Simple single lever adjustment of all mechanical welding parameters with step switch recommendation per position. Frequency switchable 50/60 Hz by a qualified electrician (NEW).

    No need for combined windings anymore (previously required to weld different materials on the same unit). Note: in standard design, our welders are suitable for one material only. Combined versions need to be specified at the time of order preparation.

    Designed as table top model. One set of clamping jaws for the complete range is included in the scope of supply. For wire diameter smaller than 1,0 mm please order the STRECKER wire cutter "E09-Z2-1958B" for a straight cut.